Enabling the Admin Experience

The Tenant Center is a website for tenants to find up-to-date information about their building, pay rent, and submit service requests. Healthcare Realty aims to provide better spaces for tenants.

The challenge was to redesign the workflow and dashboard for the Tenant Center Admin to be more user-friendly, reduce maintenance costs, and give more options to edit, maintain, & publish information.

The outcome of the solution was that the tenant center site decreased new site build-out and update time from days to minutes and could be globally or locally customized depending on the tenant’s building location. Additionally, the project saved ~$240,000 in annual maintenance costs for 400 buildings.


User feedback indicated that the flow was slow, the site editing process was unintuitive, and the change of hands left room for error. There were also opportunities to digitize and standardize the site content intake process.

Journey map of the old flow\


How might we simplify the process of creating and maintaining a tenant center?

The old flow involved several steps and left too many gaps for errors to occur before launch. What if we brought the sites in-house and standardized the inputs we ask of property managers while giving more context?

The front-end site design stayed the same and the site admin dashboard ended up being slightly more complex due to the new platform being used. With the use of affinity mapping, we were able to identify common data points and created a dashboard that groups related custom fields that populate the site content.


While working through the data, conditions, and interactions for the solution, it was tempting to create something custom and connected the first go around. However working within our current environment and design system, I found that there were existing tools and flow patterns that I can use.

We also identified other challenges to focus on later, like:

  • How might we ensure that the data of management offices and assignments are always up-to-date?
  • How might we enable property managers to connect more with tenants through the tenant center?

This solution involved product ownership, UX research, workshops, UI design, and PHP custom theme development.