Hey, I’m Sketch.

I’m a Nashville-based Product Designer who’s worked in startups, B2B Corporate, and with clients identifying problems, leading teams, and creating impactful solutions.

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(web design, ux, and product management)

Healthcare Realty

Healthcare Realty, an outpatient medical building REIT, needed to improve the accuracy and speed at which admins can update and create new tenant centers.

(web design & branding)

Holistic Mental Healthcare

Awakened Holistic, a holistic mental health coach, was looking for a website rebrand to better express their values.

(product design)

SunPass – Mobile app concept

A concept app design for SunPass, FDOT’s pre-paid toll program, to improve the UI and reduce user effort to replenish their account.

(about me)

Who’s Sketch?

Obviously, I’m Sketch! During my time in college I drew a lot of my ideas on the whiteboard in the common area and at the time few people knew my name. One day, to grab my attention, someone called out “Sketch!”, and I answered. From then on the name just stuck. Nowadays, when I’m not working on a project I’m either attending car meets, traveling with my family, or playing games.