Alexander Nicholas

UX/UI Designer & Digital Creative

I’m a designer that wants to make life easier with useful products that create delightful experiences. 

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A Little About Me

I’m an Orlando based UX/UI designer with a slight obsession with car photography. I have 4 years of experience designing products and interfaces creating delightful experiences for the people they are meant for. In the beginning of college, I started off as a graphic designer and slowly moved into web design. Shortly after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design & Development I stumbled across UX Design, from doing some research on making car interiors easier to use for the driver (of course it had something to do with cars), and loved the ideology of focusing on people first rather than just the design; Making the product beautiful AND useful. Now, I’m on a mission to make the challenges of everyday life easier and meet people along the way who want to make that difference.

A New Face To Checking Balances

SunPass App Concept Product Feature

The Florida SunPass Toll app needed an easier way to view balances and pre-load money on to the account.

A Redaction Platform For Smaller Document Inputs

iRedact Product Design

Computing System Innovations wanted to create a web-based redaction platform for smaller organizations. The answer, iRedact.

Looking For More?

I’m working on more projects as we speak, I want to make sure that you get the full breath of what I’m capable of accomplishing with detailed and meaningful content that explains the process of my work.

In the meantime you can check out my Dribbble and Instagram for Graphic and UI designs.

My Design Process

In my experience, good design requires an understanding of the people who the design is for, an ability to identify the underlying challenges to empathize with their needs, and the skill to fulfill those needs while aligning the solution with their business goals. These requirements are the foundation of my professional career and what I set out to accomplish every day.

The Greatest Discovery

First, I identify “must-haves” and the “can’t do’s” of the business by conducting interviews, and creating journey maps & task flows, which I then ideate solutions to fulfill the business’ goals. Then, I evaulate the customer or user’s perspective, validating the assumptions of the business goals. 


Sweet Design

I identify the underlying themes showing challenges and opportunities for ideation. This understanding of the customer or user’s motivations and helps to empathize with their needs and I can start sketching and laying out wireframes, ending up with low-fidelity mockups.

Build Me Up (Buttercup)

Once an initial set of ideas and designs have been created, I enter the testing and validation phase. I’ll build higher fidelity mockups & interactive prototypes, experiment with different interaction methods, and design out animations.

Test, Analyze, & Iterate

It just doesn’t end at the looks. My job is to test, learn, iterate, and repeat the process. I continue this while increasing the fidelity of the prototypes until I feel I have one or two solutions worth developing.

Some Services I Offer

I try to go above and beyond for the companies and people I work with so, to go past the design, I have these services to offer:

Domains & Hosting

Looking to take your business to the masses? Why not start with a brand new website, and bring your idea to life!

Web Management

Have a website that’s a hassle to manage? Keep your focus on your business and let me handle the heavy work of updating content and keeping this running. 


Design & Printing

Have a new campaign you’re running, or going through a rebranding? I can help with designing and printing collateral and assets such as banners, flyers, and leaflets.

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